The Phenix Hotel was opened in 1990 at the place of an old hostel in the Renaissance period, an became then a very beautiful luxuous house, up to our current establishment.

The Hotel is at his real place, by the quality of the services, by his authentic soul and warm decoration, in the historic frame and in the sophisticated charm of Old Lyon, in the heart of the History.

Lounges and felted patios, with vaults and stone columns of size, allow you to read, to rest, to drink a coffee, to wait for your taxi .. calmly.

The piano bar of the hotel echos the trendy and dynamic district of Old Lyon : you can taste a glass of Viognier there by strumming some notes !

The volumes, the stone, the ART DECO marble, the windows in perfect condition, make of the Phenix Hotel an establishment for the architecture refined, in the cosy and stylish decoration, and so comfortable.

In romantic weekend, in family or between friends, for a professional stage, come to have a personalized stay .. at the heart of Lyon!